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It’s been a couple of weeks but both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Festival and in fact we thought the standard was very good with the diversity of the jazz and blues providing a great mix. We both would consider the Festival to have been one great long concert and the variety provided by the musicians was of an excellent standard. Whilst we did not have the opportunity to see all the acts what we did see impressed us. The venues were all appropriate for the various acts and although a bit packed in some areas all provided comfort and refreshments. Special mention must go to Shirazz, great! We have rebooked and hope to hear from you next year. Well done. David & Jan

Please pass on my thanks to all involved in the organization of the first Jazz and Blues festival.
 (As a committee member of the ??? Jazz festival I appreciate all the hard work that goes on before the festival)

My band Jazz Me Ragged wish to thank you for placing us in the Hall for our three performances. We had the honour of being the first band on and also the last.
 The dancers certainly had a good time and the band members all felt the band played very well and had lots of energy
 Congratulations on the festival. I look forward to seeing you next year. Liz

I reckon you’re on a winner! The doubting Thomas's all wanted to hear what it was like, so I did a teaser article for our Jazz Club Newsletter Adelaide. I think some are looking at bookings for accommodation etc., because I finished the note saying we're booked and going -don't leave it because the word will be out - every where. Just as a little titbit, we were sitting at the hall kitchen having a cuppa and a lady asked what was going on, they were staying at the Gap on their way from holiday home and had not heard anything. When my wife let her know she bolted out to Registration to get badges for herself and Hubby. That was Sat arvo, bumped into them Sunday and she said they would be back next year, with friends!! (how much is the spotters fee?)
Cheers Don, Best of luck with it to you and the rest of the Committee. I think it will grow nicely and probably quickly to the likes of the past February Festivals. I don't much like the idea of the thing down in the little seaside town, having less than fond memories of a stay down near there many moons ago on a speedway trip. There were mozzies and sand flies during the day then some other damn thing trying to get you in the night. No Good!!
See you in Little Red Blues Bag again next time, yeah!   Ben from Adelaide.

Dear staff. We recently joined you at the first Halls Gap Jazz & Blues festival and really enjoyed it. Would you please be able to add the following email addresses to your mailing list so that we can get next year’s information. [email protected]               [email protected] Many thanks. Bev

Dear Don, I have to write & tell you how much we enjoyed the jazz festival. Our heartfelt thanks to you and all the other people who worked hard to make it the success it was. A great job was accomplished in what appeared to be a short time. We hope you and the rest of the group will be looking to next October (I’m sure the weather will be better) The venues were great; stage equipment was great; food & drink was plentiful. I hope it was adequately financially successful also. We would be happy next time to arrive early in HG (as we usually do) and lend a hand like I understand Bill Lawler and others did. Please pass on our appreciation and best wishes to all. John & Shirley.

Hi all,   Just wanted to say Thankyou for the fantastic festival The venues, sound and mix of musical styles were great. The Mountain Grand has never sounded better and the Kookaburra had a lovely intimate feel. Really liked the Hub sessions which will be even better with a warmer weekend (can you arrange that?).    Once again Thankyou to everyone who put the Festival together and am really looking forward to next year. Cheers, David.

Hi Don, Having just arrived back in Adelaide after taking part in the 1st Hall’s Gap Jazz & Blues Festival, I felt the need to compliment you, and of course your team, on conducting an excellent festival. 
Being the first event under a new management team, I expected less than what was actually delivered.  Having attended 13 previous Grampian Jazz Festivals, it was hard to resist making comparisons, but what I found was a refreshing blend of age, genre’ and style at both professional and enthusiast levels.  The younger blood apparent this year can only draw a more diverse audience, and speaks well for future successes.   
Well done to you and the team, and all the best for future events.  See you next year. Regards, Deane.

Thanks Don & Co. Kind Regards, Robert b Dillon   Dreamboogie Management
USA International Blues Challenge Semi Finalists 2016
2011& 2015 MBAS Blues Performer of  The Year